About Us

About the Owners

We remember feeling uncomfortable in our skin as adolescents because our skin was extremely oily and had acne and cysts, which sparked our interest in skincare and furthermore, holistic health. We discovered that for us, self-care was a major part of feeling feminine, so we could feel like our most healthy, happy selves. We tried so many commercial skincare products with harsh and unnecessary ingredients, and they didn’t work! Out of options, we looked into natural and safe alternatives for the skin problems we faced. It took us 3 years to get it right, but we’ve discovered that our skin tells the story of how healthy we are or how healthy we’ve been, and fixing common skin problems is a combination of using effective products and taking care of yourself from the inside out.

We started DawnJoySkin in our living room in a city far away from our hometown and our family. Even though we’re sisters, we quickly realized the relationship we have as business partners is uniquely special because there’s so much work to be done when it comes to entrepreneurship, and flexibility is key. One of us has a science background and the other a marketing background. We always make sure to check-in with each other daily (more like all day!) and that we move as a unit. We are each other’s perfect team and we always knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs someday, because we believe entrepreneurship puts us in an empowered position to make real and sustainable systemic change. We used the knowledge we accumulated over years of fixing our own skin problems and our combined knowledge of compounding products and marketing, came up with the concepts for our first products late in the night, wrote them down and got to work.

We can both attest to the fact that self-care has saved our lives, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually. When we neglected ourselves we were unfulfilled and now we experience discipline and confidence, due to our commitment to self-love. We want to share that beautiful journey with other women, who want to become the best versions of who they KNOW they can be and become more connected to their bodies, starting with taking care of the body’s largest organthe skin!